....and off we go! Welcome to my garden!

This feels just like opening up a new journal and writing on a crisp, fresh page. Although I can still remember the first time I used a computer at my former job, our first home computer (a monstrous tower that fit under the desk), my first laptop, blogging is still relatively new to me; I set out to record my gardening experiences in 2009. And here I find myself on a new site in which to share my gardening thoughts and experiences. Fun stuff, for sure.

Let's start with some news items - one of them quite significant. 

  • For my wonderful annual seedling customers, you will not find a "From The Vine - Seedlings" page on this website. For many reasons, I've decided to call it quits after more than 15 wonderful years. I'll share thoughts about the major decision to step away from offering seedlings in a future blog post. Thanks to everyone for your years of business and friendship. Please drop me an email if you wish to know more.


  • All who looked for my former websites - From the Vine and Epic Tomatoes - found that you ended up here, my new website. With my first book Epic Tomatoes now in circulation for a year, and the decision to cease our annual seedling offerings, it made sense to take the journey to a new website, new format, new content. I have some new projects in mind - including audio and video content - and this platform will make things easier when those are ready.


  • Thanks go to my daughter, Sara, and her friend, Catherine Howard, for working with me to create this new place. I am really new at finding my way around and look forward to learning more about using this platform to its best functionality.


That is enough to digest for the moment, and I am sure there will be lots of questions. Moving to a single website will certainly make things easier for me to manage, and I hope to return to regular blogging; as the seed catalogs arrive in the mailbox and 2016 speaking events are just around the corner, there will be no shortage of things to talk about and share.

Mostly, I want to thank my readers, those who attended a talk, purchased my book, or stopped by for seedlings. All of the contacts and friendships I've made over the years are special to me. But I enjoy change, the challenge of new things - and it will become clear how such a preference will color my future activities. It will be always is!

Mid December tomatoes in our driveway. Unprecedented!

Mid December tomatoes in our driveway. Unprecedented!