A very brief blog about seedlings aimed at local (triangle area) gardeners

Driveway two weeks ago

Driveway two weeks ago

Yes, there are some seedlings remaining. I can't accept any more orders to ship (not even sure I can fulfill the requests I do have due to plant size, availability or my available time - each person will here from me soon).

But - the plants are perfect planting condition, well-hardened off (what a spring they've endured) - and there is a very limited window to contact me to set up a time to come and get some.

Indeterminate varieties (variable number of each - first come, first served) - 

Red – Gallo Plum, OTV Brandywine, Mexico Midget; Pink –Anna Russian, Brandywine, Polish, Cancelmo Family, Dester; Purple – Cherokee Purple; Chocolate – Cherokee Chocolate, Yellow – Hugh’s, Egg Yolk (tiny - just transplanted)l Bicolor – Lucky Cross, Little Lucky, Green – Cherokee Greenl Orange – Sun Goldl Striped – Speckled Roman; White – Coyote (tiny - just transplanted); Mystery – Abraham Brown – free for the asking (I will tell you about it).

Dwarf varieties (variable numbers of each - first come first served) - 

Red – Tanunda Red; Pink – TastyWine, Pink Passion, Rosella Crimson; Purple – Rosella Purple, Wild Fred; Yellow – Sweet Sue, Golden Gypsy, Sean’s Yellow; Bicolor – Caitydid, Wherokowhai; Green  - Beryl Beauty; Orange – Uluru Ochre, Blazing Beauty; Striped – Beauty King, Firebird Sweet, Tennessee Suited, Chocolate Lightning; White – Mr. Snow (tiny - just transplanted); Mystery – Zig Zag Wattle – free for the asking (I will tell you about it)

There are also a selection of microdwarfs and Dwarf project works in progress that are free, but if you take some I would love feedback and a ripe tomato or two - join and participate in our project.

Availability is just today (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday...then, again Sunday May 13 until they are gone. You must email me at nctomatoman@gmail.com to set up a day and time.

More news coming in a future blog soon - I planted my first 8 bales yesterday (16 indeterminate tomatoes), and hope to purchase 8 more this week and get them going.  My spring speaking schedule is complete, ending with wonderful programs in Gillette Wyoming, and the Detroit area. I am ready for a vacation!

Deutzia in full bloom

Deutzia in full bloom