An unexpected gift from a reader

An email arrived in my Inbox a few days ago from Crystal Lynn. Crystal first contacted me last March, after reading my book, realizing I lived nearby and was a source for tomato seedlings. My babies grew in her garden last year. We  had some nice email exchanges early in the season which involved some of her gardening questions, which I was delighted to answer. Clearly, Crystal's gardening adventures are continuing with success this year, which makes me happy.

I asked Crystal if she is comfortable with me sharing the note that she sent - thankfully, she is, and here it is.

"Hello there!

I wanted to sent you a quick note to let you know how much your help and your book have meant to me. As you may recall my husband used to tease me and I would prefer a bag of great tomatoes than a dozen red roses. It's so true. Lol. I also told you how I had not had a great tomato since we moved over 10 years ago. Well, that has all changed!!

I am sooo happy! I truly love tomatoes and yesterday, for the first day in my entire life, I had more fantastic tomatoes than I could eat and had grown myself!! We went on vacation and when we returned my crop those volunteers I messaged you about earlier this year, we going crazy. Delicious, bright-red tomatoes everywhere!!! What a delight! It made me so happy!

My son now understands the joy of home-grown tomatoes as well. He too loves to go in the garden and pick fresh tomatoes right off the vine for a snack. I am sure he will grown his own tomatoes too when he grows up. He really loves them as much as I do. 

Anyway, I had given up on my love of tomatoes a long time ago. I had tried and failed so many times and just thought I was destined to never eat great tomatoes again. Then I found your book. I was so inspired and have spent countless hours and money getting there, but I finally have realized my dream of having those wonderful, sweet, juicy tomatoes I always loved when we lived in Nebraska.

I just wanted to thank you for the gift you have given to all of the tomato lovers of the world! It sure makes me and my son happy!"

(Crystal included a picture of one of their tomato successes, taken by her son, Kendall, shown below)

Tomatoes on one of Crystal Lynn's plants, photographed by her son and shared with me

Tomatoes on one of Crystal Lynn's plants, photographed by her son and shared with me


Thank you, Crystal, for sending the note - it is the ultimate gift for an author.