....so about those seedlings. Lightning quick blog today

Seedlings April 10

It's show time - the tomatoes are ready - the peppers and eggplant very soon. Email me for a list  and also to set up a pick up time - all details are on a Word doc I will send to you. My dates are spotty so we will have to look ahead over the next month to agree the times.

A few things about communications - email is far preferable for me.  I only answer the phone if it is someone I know and a call is expected - again, use email.  Texts are OK if I know who you are - I am getting some pics attached to phone numbers that I don't have in my contact list - so they are mysteries! Facebook messenger and Twitter messenger are scanned intermittently but not regularly.  So - yup - email!  nctomatoman@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon!