Another late mid-week review...everything is happening at once!

It has been quite a fact I had to look back in my calendar to remind myself of what transpired. Life-wise, we continue to enjoy the visit of our daughter and her family, all leading up to our week at the beach (which starts tomorrow). We had a great day at the Durham Museum of Life and Science with our grandsons.

It was also a week of some fun events - a Monday night cooking school with chef Kevin Callaghan of ACME Food and Beverage, focusing on (what else...) tomatoes. Today was spent at the Chapel Hill Farmers Market - a full morning of helping them celebrate tomatoes.

And the garden....tomatoes are coming in fast and furious, and eggplant joined today...peppers will be next. This means continuing to water, feed, tie - and, now, pick, taste, document and seed save. I feel a bit like the people who used to spin all of those plates in the Ed Sullivan show (yes, I am dating myself!).

This season - maybe more than most - in the garden has been very humbling, interesting, educational - and really challenging. I've bitten off too much in a season that has so much else going on (book related activities, the big family visit and trip). I am not able to keep up with staking, tying, topping, removing diseased foliage. It is raining too much - especially late day rain. It is too hot, too humid, and spending hours in the blazing sun is just hard going. I've lost, and am losing plants. (the peppers and eggplants look great, and clearly have less issues with disease and the weather).

As always, it is such fun to share my successes and challenges with you all. Results are coming in for all of the various projects going on in my driveway...stay tuned for many more updates.