All in the families - a look at progress with some cherished driveway tomatoes

I've blogged before about the "family" section of my driveway garden - a selection of named varieties shared with me during the past few hears via mail, at speaking engagements - each one representing the truest, most appropriate term of "heirloom" tomato. 

Each is off to a great start - and here are the pics to prove it. If you click at each edge, you can advance the carousel of pics.

Pictures above are Abraham Brown, Aunt Edna, Uncle Joe, Maris Family, and Swolka family.

But wait - there's more (of course). I also took pics of some that, despite not being family heirlooms, are special for various reasons.  You can see these below.

This grouping includes Abraham Lincoln, Everglades, a High Anthocyanin Pink Cherry, Stick and Yusopov.

Finally, a few view of the driveway and the bales, so that you can gauge progress.

After watering, I spent some time doing an audio update, which I will transcribe tonight. I was very pleased to note how many plants had buds, flowers, and even in some cases, small fruit!