A peek into my spring time addled brain....

Since it's been quite awhile between blogs, I thought it would be good to share why this is, and what sorts of things are floating around my somewhat overwhelmed head. Part of it is that this feels like an adjustment phase for me....a typical (pre-tomato book spring) would see me transplanting, preparing for seedling sales, digging in the garden, enjoying all of the suddenly appearing spring flowers. 

Last year, and especially this year, it feels quite different. Though I try to be organized (to-do lists are a favorite thing of mine, though it seems that more items enter than leave), maintaining energy level is proving to be a bit of a struggle. Without large scale seedling sales, there should be more time and energy to get things done. Yet, my speaking schedule feels busier than last year, and is taking us further away. It takes me some time to bounce back after throwing myself into a talk, climbing the emotional ladder, deeply enjoying the event, and the letdown that follows.

I've also added several writing assignments, which I really enjoy. Some are complete, some underway, a few yet to start. My skill as a procrastinator has also been reinforced. It seems to be impossible to get some of these done well in advance - it is the pressure of an imminent deadline that tends to motivate me, which is not exactly a recipe for relaxation and calmness.

And so I find myself here - sitting in the waiting room while Sue has a physical therapy session for her surgically repaired shoulder. Here is where things are in the garden:

The garage floor is covered with transplanted seedlings. Since we are due for a frost tonight, tomorrow is the day that they have their post-transplanted debut in the driveway and in the sunshine.


Additional seedlings are germinating in my office window, and I've a few more recently received seeds to plant.

I want to blog next about some of the interesting varieties that will be grown this year - some new family heirlooms received from audience members at talks here and there, some new work on the dwarf project, and a few back ups for a friend for her next book. No pressure!

It is time to think of planting the greens and beets that are growing so well following their transplanting. It is time to order some straw bales and start their preparation. It is time to decide on exactly what I want to grow, and where, and how - the unique mix of peppers, eggplant and tomatoes that will populate our driveway this summer.

My next speaking events will take us to Belmont (the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, on April 5), and then Asheville (the Mother Earth News Fair, on April 9-10). That will open a fairly busy April that will mix events with garden planting. 

I am really fortunate to work on so many aspects of my favorite hobby - gardening - spending lots of time with my favorite person - my wife, Susan. From experience, I know that an intimidating mass of future activities will spread out over time, and all will get done when needed. But I've also learned that this feeling of being a bit overwhelmed is as consistent for me as spring itself.