It's a very modest beginning, but our 2016 gardening is underway...

February 1...that is DAY 1. I went into the garage, cleared off the working bench, found a used plug flat, filled 18 cells with some leftover planting medium. I gave the cells a good drink of warm water, smoothed the surface, and planted some seeds. Dry medium was sprinkled over the top to provide a bit of cover for the seeds, followed by a brief drink of water - then off it went, upstairs, into my office and onto the table that, until a few days ago, was packed with African Violets. I draped some plastic wrap loosely on top, and set the seeds on their way toward germination. 

First planting

I didn't use a heat mat because these are cool weather crops that will germinate just fine with the heat of the sun shining in through the window. (in fact, there is already some growing going on after just a couple of days). The other experiment is in not closing the door. So far, our three cats, though curious, haven't decided that the world's perfect napping spot just magically appeared.

close up of first planting

This was a pretty ad hoc activity for me...many of the seeds came right out of packets yet to be logged in to my seed catalog. It's a pretty busy time and I am just working to fit in what must be done when I can, so there will be some remedial work to be done.

Oh yes - I should mention what I planted. The flat of 18 filled, planted cells hold several types of beets, Red Russian Kale, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, and some heirloom lettuce varieties generously shared with me by my Michigan friend Jeff.

In a few days, it will be time to seed eggplant and peppers. A few days after that, I will plant tomatoes and basil, and perhaps a few types of flowers. Before that happens, I must decide exactly what varieties I am going to grow - that will take some time to figure out.