We are here, my seedlings are there. Everything is planted. Germination anxiety!

We are so excited to be in Seattle - we get to see Sara, her husband, Adam, and our two grand kids, Aaron and Aiden. Being 3000 miles away we now hold these opportunities so dear. As a bonus, I get to speak at the Northwest Flower and Garden show on Saturday and Sunday.  I think that I will talk about tomatoes!

Before we departed, I managed to squeeze in planting most of the seeds that will become our 2016 garden. 

One flat has eggplant and peppers (that's the one I planted a week ago, now nearest the window, and showing life in half of its cells). The other four have tomatoes - indeterminate varieties, dwarf varieties, and various varieties planted for come new crosses.

Caitlin is of course in charge of keeping things happy and healthy when we are away. No pressure at all, Caitlin!

Once things start to pop up, I will begin to talk about the varieties I planted...and why. Each year is a mix of different gardening adventures. I think I've bitten off a bit too much - but what else is new!