Downtime, right? (not really!). A long overdue update

Let's see...where was I?  Oh yes - digesting all of the feelings, memories and experiences from our October Cape Cod trip. I just noticed it is December 4 - November magically vanished. 

I took down the garden - which for me means recreating our driveway

The fifty plus tomato plants that are no more provided a lot of green treasures holding very valuable seeds. 

Since that picture was taken, at least a few of each type ripened, and most of my seed saving is complete - though there are still over a dozen plates of green tomatoes on our dining room table. The vast majority of these are from the dwarf tomato breeding project, and will provide great starting points for next spring.

Oh yes - there are things growing out there - several rows of garlic, and some pots of lettuce, arugula, beets and chard. 


Speaking of the Dwarf tomato project....I've made a decision to significantly stand back from active leadership. 2017 will be a year of delegation, slowing down, and taking a breather. With over 60 varieties released, the pressure is off, and the team can explore those things that seem most interesting and worthwhile.

I've actually started my third book - and it will be the story of our unique Dwarf Tomato Breeding project. At this point, I am considering self publishing. I've got two additional books that need attention - nothing definite and more on those later on (both are at an early, proposal stage).

I've also ended up with an exciting, but packed, speaking schedule for 2017. All of this means a much smaller gardening effort - I simply won't have the time, or be around to provide appropriate care, for the types of gardens planted over the past few decades. 

That's all the news for to write!