In between, and on the cusp....

In between - as in birthdays...mine was yesterday (I turned 60...yikes!), my wife Susan's is tomorrow. So I am sitting here, looking forward to cooking her a nice breakfast, and later on, dinner, on her special day. 

In between, as with gardening seasons, firmly between 2015 and 2016. I am still pondering last year - what went well, what didn't, what I want to try this year, or do differently. And I am planning this season - what to start when, and for what purpose. It is like trying to solve a big Rubik's Cube - this year made more challenging because of the decision to stop selling seedlings, but have some to bring on appropriately timed tomato events.

On the cusp... of a storm! If we were to ponder Sue's birthdays during our 35 years together, I bet that more often than not we have wintry messes on that day. We will likely be - yes! - in between the various lines of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain. As usual.

On the cusp.... of hitting the road and spending time with gardeners talking tomatoes, container and straw bale gardening, swapping stories and experiences and seeds, and making new friends. Last year was just amazing - and this year is not going to be much less packed, especially between very soon and mid summer. Apex - Morehead City - Seattle - Chicago - and that is just February. Power Point and I are about to become very familiar again. And once more, I will end up wishing I had a better, more organized system for my gardening pics.

And it is after midnight, so I am now on the cusp of going to bed. I hope to start sharing my garden plans very soon in an upcoming blog....because it is time to get some seeds planted, seedlings started. I just love this time of the gardening season!