Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 2015

What an odd December 25. This was the reading on our thermometer yesterday afternoon - today was similar.

Ourdoor and indoor temp Dec 24 2015

Shorts to church last evening was a real possibility (but, no, I didn't follow through!). Our post dinner walk was quite a muggy event. As a New Englander, I have to admit that colder, more seasonal temps and a few flakes of snow would be nice. But with the possibility of kayaking on the lake tomorrow and Sunday, I can't complain.

It has been a remarkable year for me, and I want to express my sincere thanks to the many, many people that helped make it special and memorable. To those who purchased my books or seedlings or attended talks here and there, thank you so much.

I am about to turn to thoughts and plans of 2016 - in terms of tomato talks, the Dwarf tomato project, my own gardening plans, as well as other ideas I've toyed with, such as a new Podcast, and revised tomato videos. Watch for more information and updates to the Events page soon; that is where I will be starting.

We hope you are having a wonderful, memorable holiday and look forward to seeing you next year. Thanks again for your friendship and support - it means everything.