Gardening, for me, is a lifelong passion.

The journey is endless, as each season brings joy, disappointment, and lessons. Although my expertise is in heirloom tomatoes, I love to grow everything -  vegetables, flowers, and herbs, in as many ways as possible. I’ve been where each of you are along the gardening experience spectrum. We all seek answers to our gardening issues, useful resources from which we can learn, and eager fellow growers with which to share our experiences.

There is a wealth of gardening information available, ranging from reliable and useful to confusing, vague and even incorrect. No garden is perfect, and no season is the same.

My goal is quite simple - grow a garden each year, try and learn new things, and openly share the results.

By offering a variety of information - pictures, blog entries, how-to videos, seminars and workshops, social networking and direct email interactions, this website will grow and evolve and react to the needs of those who seek it.





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